the daily shrine on your phone

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  3. watch before you use instagram, tiktok, or facebook
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🕯️ basic info 🕯️

🕯️ bspirit is a daily shrine for your phone

🙏 bspirit is designed to counteract the negative impact of instagram, tiktok & facebook on your spirit

⏱️ use it every day, before social media

background info

...ready for more background? ok....

🌟 let's start from long, long ago...

in the beginning, there was nothing...

outer space scene
10 billion years ago

then... there is a time when the spirit has no name...

jurassic scene
150 million years ago

years go by... the earth's people find spirits in every tree, every mountain, every river...

nomadic people by river
100,000 years ago

but then... in a corner of the roman empire, a man is born, who teaches that there is only ONE spirit...

a man in ancient  jerusalem
2,000 years ago

...and then the faithful travel many months, over rough roads, to visit holy places dedicated to this man...

medieval pilgrims
1,000 years ago these holy places, seekers meditate before great SHRINES, dedicated to the spirit...

pilgrims at shrine
500 years ago

bspirit is a modern-day shrine...

pilgrims using bspirit

why bspirit?

when you pick up your phone, when you use tiktok or instagram or facebook ... you see pride...

a prideful man

when you pick up your phone, you see greed...

a greedy man

you see anger...

a wrathful woman

you see jelousy...

a jelous woman

...but wait. stop for a second.

why are you using your phone to feel bad?

hm... what if...

what if you used your phone for good?

what if you used your phone to reflect, to learn, to meditate...

this is why we made bspirit.

🕯️bspirit is a shrine on your phone...

🙏 bspirit is designed to counteract the negative impact of instagram, tiktok, and facebook on your spirit

⏱️ use it daily, before social media


should I ask questions, or just watch and listen?

you can do either. bspirit is designed so you can just watch it, if you don't have any specific questions to ask.

should I use this on a computer or on a phone?

you can do either, but bspirit was designed to be used on a phone.

do I need a fast internet connection?

yes, kind of. bspirit is a video streaming service, so like netflix, or facetime, or zoom, it needs a reliable connection to the internet to work well.

is this only for christians?

definitely not. bspirit is for everyone.

how often should I use bspirit?

we recommond at least once per day, for at least fifteen minutes.


a few pointers...

How do I open the menu?

touch anywhere. then touch the blue button in the lower-right.

touch to show menu button

How do I ask a question?

1. touch the button

2. ask question

How do I change the music?

1. settings button

2. turn music off

you can play your own music in the background with any app

How do I go back to a previous answer?

1. use the button

2. scroll down